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July 23, 2012
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These are the basic rules of "Card Wars: an official Adventure Time Trading Card Game":
There are 4 types of cards in this game: Land cards, Creature cards, Building cards, & Spell cards:

Land cards: land cards are the main land of your game map that goes on your kingdom field at the top area of your map at the beginning of the game, you may only have a full land cards of 4, & can affect the gameplay of the game depending on a creature's effect just look at the creature's description, & can sometimes be affected the spell & building cards, just look at the description of the spell or building card(s)

Creature cards: creature cards are your main fighters in your area, & you put them at the open field area of your map in the middle area at the beginning of the game, you can only have 3 creatures & have up to 2 creatures in one area by placing on top of each other, some creatures can even hide in a land card, depending on the effect of that creature, you can use your creature to attack an opposing creature or building by subtracting the amount of attack power of the attacking creature by the amount of defense power of the defending creature or building then it tells how much damage the attacking creature does, you can make a creature fight by activating it (turning it to the right), you can only make a creature fight once per turn, some creatures can be flooped (turning it to the left) to activate it's effect, creatures can even go into some buildings to do something depending on the building's effect but the cannot attack, players can also steal other player's creatures depending on the spell or building cards effect, if you lose all of your creatures you lose.

Building cards: building cards are the main buildings of the game that goes into the town area in the bottom area of the field, you can floop a building card to make an effect happen, some buildings can even let your own creatures in the building for protection.

Spell cards: Spell cards are the main spells that you can use for you or your opponents cards, unlike the other other cards where you place them at the beginning of the game, you place them in a deck then draw them in your hand, you can use cast a spell by placing it on the field, then after the effect takes place, you put it in the discard pile.

here's how the game works, first you both set up your kingdom of 4 land cards, 3 creature cards, & 1-4 building cards, then decide who goes first, then the player going first does the following phases:

1: Draw phase: you discard 1 card & draw 1 card

2: Main phase 1: you can floop a building card, and/or can use a spell card.

3: Battle phase: you can activate, floop, and/or move creature.

4: Main phase 2: you can do the same thing as main phase 1.

5: End phase: you end your turn.

after your the end phase, then it's your opponents turn, the first person to make they're opponent lose all of his or her creatures wins, also, make sure you return all of your opponents cards to they're appropriate owner after the game is over, don't be a crook.

Good Luck, have fun, & thank you for reading... and don't litter. :)            
I just watched the episode of Adventure Time, "Card Wars", it was really amazing, & I want this to be a real game (along with other people), so I made some rules for an actual Card Wars game, if anyone want to use this, go right ahead, enjoy.
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MpegEVIL Dec 9, 2012
Here's my take on Card Wars, if anybody's interested. [link]
theamazingzinger Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If anyone's interested I just started developing a Card Wars PC/Mac game using Unity. I'm trying to post on some forums talking about Card Wars to see if anyone's interested in helping with rules/content/testing/or just making comments. I have a blog that I'm going to be posting screenshot son shortly if you want to take a look.

ziberoo Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finished that template, will make two decks later and the I'll test.

ziberoo Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'mma play-test these rules for you, I'm in the process of designing a template for cards already. :D
ziberoo Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll get back to you once I'm finished.
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